November 29, 2023

For good motive, grasscutter farming is gaining Slot reputation all through Africa. Better Cane Rat, often known as Grasscutter, is a rodent that’s intently associated to the porcupine, trying virtually an identical aside from the porcupine’s bigger dimension. Grasscutters are distinguished from real rats by their spiky fur on the again and rounded nostril. When fully matured, it grows to a size of roughly 720 mm. In case you take grasscutter farming significantly, you possibly can earn at the least N3 million every year. So, how are you going to start Grasscutter farming in Nigeria, the place this animal thrives? This text will go over that.

What are Grasscutters?

Grasscutters (Thryonomys swinderianus), often known as Cane Rats and Grass Cutter in English-speaking West African nations, Agouti in French-speaking West African international locations, and hedgehogs in Central Africa, are rodents present in moist or grassy environments all through Africa. Although these species are generally killed in Africa, they, like different micro-livestock animals corresponding to rabbits, might be domesticated.

The next are among the traits of a grasscutter:

  • Grascutters are placid and comparatively prolific animal
  • They grow to be sexually lively and mature at 5-6 months. At this age, they will reproduce and provides delivery to as excessive as 12 younger.
  • They are often simply reared or managed, and this made their domestication an alternative choice to poaching them within the wild.
  • They will develop quickly in intensive circumstances
  • The meat of a grasscutter could be very wealthy in protein and economically helpful.

What Is Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

The grasscutter, generally often known as the “better cane rat,” is a big African rodent. It’s certainly one of West and Central Africa’s most essential and extensively consumed wild animals.

The meat of the grasscutter is widely known as a delicacy and has been demonstrated to have a excessive dietary worth. On account of its potential as a worthwhile enterprise, grasscutter farming has just lately gained enchantment in Nigeria and different African international locations.

Grasscutter animal farming in Nigeria is the captive breeding and rearing of grasscutters for meat manufacturing, and it has confirmed to be a viable various to searching wild grasscutters, which is regularly unlawful and unsustainable.

Why Do You Must Increase Grasscutters?

The next are among the the reason why it’s best to pursue grasscutter animal farming in Nigeria:

#1. They’re Very Low cost to Maintain

With a wood cage and one colony (a household of grasscutter breeders), you possibly can start breeding grasscutters. A grasscutter colony consists of 1 male and 4 females. A colony prices between 40,000 and 50,000 Nigerian Naira, relying on age and species. It’s best to have the ability to get a good cage constructed by an knowledgeable carpenter for beneath $10,000. You possibly can place the cage wherever in your compound so long as it’s not in direct daylight.

#2. For Meat Manufacturing

Grasscutter animal farming in Nigeria is an effective method to offer meat for human use. They’re big rats that develop rapidly, are hardy, and reside a very long time. They achieve loads of weight in a brief time frame and with little or no meals. That’s, they’re high-efficiency feed converters. In actuality, they ingest and digest an unlimited number of grasses and greens. There are lots of people who eat bush meat all world wide. The males can develop to be double the dimensions of rooster meat. Moreover, Thryonomys swinderianus grows rapidly, and they’re able to be bought as breeders at 12 weeks of age. Cane rats are appropriate for holding and elevating for market causes on account of their fast maturation and low feed prices.

#3. For Breeding Inventory Manufacturing

Breeding inventory manufacturing is probably the most worthwhile side of cane rat farming. At 3-4 months of age, a cane rat is prepared for use as breeding inventory. As I beforehand defined, a colony consists of 1 male and 4 females. A well-managed productive colony can produce between 50 and 56 cane rats every year. Are you able to visualize the cash you’ll make?

#4. To Create Employment Alternatives

Many people are employed within the financing, manufacturing, processing, transportation, and exportation of grasscutter merchandise. Moreover, retaining grasscutter for native human use will cut back the speed of importing fish, turkey, rooster, and frozen meat, and exporting grasscutter meat will enhance Foreign exchange revenues. GDP will rise, whereas inflation and unemployment will fall.

#5. To Make Revenue

Grasscutter animal farming in Nigeria is one technique for placing meals on the desk and incomes cash with out spending some huge cash. Income might be made by promoting grasscutters to restaurant house owners (reside or smoked), manure to small-scale farmers and worm producers, and grasscutters to those that need to rear them.

Well being Advantages of Grasscutters

Grasscutter animal farming is a worthwhile business in Nigeria and Africa because it offers protein to many individuals. Grasscutters, generally often known as cane rats, are Africa-native rodents. Listed below are 15 grasscutter well being advantages:

  • Excessive in Protein: Grasscutters are excessive in protein, making them a superb complement to any weight loss program. They embody all the essential amino acids required for bodily tissue development and restore.
  • Low in Fats: Grasscutters have a low fats content material when in comparison with different meats. In consequence, they’re a more healthy possibility for individuals who need to keep a wholesome weight.
  • Excessive in Iron: Grasscutters are excessive in iron, which aids the physique within the manufacturing of purple blood cells. Iron can also be required for vitality manufacturing and immune system operate.
  • Nutritional vitamins: Grasscutters are excessive in nutritional vitamins corresponding to vitamin B12, which is required for purple blood cell synthesis, and vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant.
  • Boosts Mind Operate: Grasscutters are excessive in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to advertise mind operate and reduce the chance of cognitive decline.
  • Lowers Blood Strain: Grasscutters are low in sodium and excessive in potassium, making them a superb alternative for these seeking to decrease their blood stress.
  • Reduces the Danger of Coronary heart Illness: Grasscutter nuts have a low-fat content material and a excessive omega-3 fatty acid content material, which can decrease the chance of coronary heart illness.
  • Improves Digestion: Grasscutters are excessive in dietary fiber, which is critical for correct digestion.

Sorts Of Grasscutter Farming Companies In Nigeria

In Nigeria and Africa, there are two types of grasscutter farming: intensive and widespread farming:

  • Intensive farming: On this technique, grasscutters are stored in cages or pens, and their setting is managed to fulfill their dietary and housing necessities.
  • Intensive farming: On this technique, grasscutters are allowed to graze in open fields, and their feed is supplemented with grasses and different forages.

Each approaches have benefits and cons, and farmers select their farming type based mostly on their assets and goals. Intensive farming necessitates extra funding and administration, but it surely may end up in increased manufacturing and revenue, whereas in depth farming is cheaper however might give lesser yields. To steadiness their assets and objectives, some farmers mix each methods. Lastly, the success of any grasscutter farming method depends on satisfactory administration strategies corresponding to feed, housing, hygiene, and illness prevention.

The right way to Breed or Increase Grasscutters

Retaining grasscutter breeders in cages or pens inside a safe shed is the simplest technique of breeding grasscutter. It’s essential to pick out a good location as a result of it’s crucial for profitable grasscutter rearing.

Different necessities for profitable grasscutter animal farming embody:

  • The world or location ought to be simply accessible and free from flood.
  • It have to be well-ventilated and secured.
  • There have to be fixed availability of forage and clear water.
  • The dimensions of the construction or pen is decided by the variety of grasscutters retained and the output objectives. A household of grasscutters, consisting of 1 grownup male and 4 females, ought to be supplied with an area of 1.6 to 2 m2.

Housing in Grasscutter Farming

Grasscutter, Breezeblock, brick, straw, and bamboo are only a few of the supplies that may be utilized to construct a rearing shed for a grasscutter animal. To decrease building bills, it’s normally advisable to make use of native supplies.

The constructing should have satisfactory lighting and air flow. The pen’s lengthy sides have to be low-walled (1.5 meters excessive), and the higher half might be lined with a rooster internet. The rearing shed might be roofed with corrugated iron or different waterproof supplies.

Directions for Developing a Grasscutter Home, Pen, or Cage

Rearing Pen

Grasscutters are regularly housed and grown in pens. The quantity of pens to construct is decided by the manufacturing objectives. One breeding feminine per pen is suggested, with 0.2 m2 of flooring house per grownup grasscutter.

There are two sorts of grasscutter pens. They’re often known as Open Pens and Shut Pens.

  • Open Pens: These are enclosures with a floor space of three m2 and a top of 1.5 meters that aren’t lined on the high. The pens comprise aspect entrances that enable the farmer to maneuver out and in of the pens with ease.
  • Shut Pens: These are enclosures which might be topped with appropriate roofing materials. These pens embody chambers that could be divided. The floor space is perhaps 2-3 m2 with a top of 0.8 m.

Feeding and Consuming Troughs for Grasscutters

These might be made from clay or cement, however they have to be heavy sufficient to help the grasscutters. That is to maintain the animals from knocking over the troughs. The farmer can construct the troughs themselves by sculpting them out of wooden or steel. Three grasscutters ought to share one trough.

Squeeze Cage

A squeeze cage is used to make it simpler to deal with grass clippers. It ought to have the identical dimensions because the animal being dealt with. You possibly can create a squeeze web page by setting up an oblong cage with fine-mesh screening. The typical weight and number of the animals ought to be thought-about when constructing this cage. It shouldn’t be designed in such a method that the animals contained in the cage can flip or transfer round.

Well being Administration in Grasscutter Farming

In all sides of cattle farming, well being administration is crucial. As a grasscutter or cane rat farmer, the well being of your big rats ought to be very important to you since in the event that they get sick, you’ll should spend more cash to deal with them. Of actually, your manufacturing prices are rising.

How A lot is Grasscutter Animal in Nigeria?

The whole meat of a mature grasscutter animal sells available in the market for between N3,500 and N5,000, and market girls who promote it declare it’s all the time in demand.

What’s the Title of the Meat Grasscutter?

The cane rat, generally often known as the grasscutter, offers a considerable amount of the sport meat consumed. Its searching within the wild, nonetheless, is related to plenty of environmental issues in addition to a risk to the species’ survival.

What’s the Distinction Between Rat and Grasscutter?

The grasscutter animal (Thryonomys swinderianus), often known as the marsh cane-rat, groundhog, and, in francophone West Africa, the aulacode or, wrongly, the agouti, is a rodent however not a real rat as a result of it’s a member of the Hystricomorpha (porcupine household).

What are the Completely different Sorts of Grasscutter Animals?

Though numerous variants have been described, all of them belong to the identical species: smaller grasscutter (ThryonomysGregorianus) and bigger grasscutter (ThryonomysSwinderianus), which can weigh as much as 10kg or extra in maturity and has a head-and-body size of as much as 60cm.

How Many Months Does It Take for Grasscutter to Develop?

Cane rat meat, usually often known as bush meat, is extensively consumed in Nigeria. There aren’t any restrictions on its use. Grasscutters are calm and prolific creatures, turning into sexually mature and able to reproducing at roughly 5 to 6 months of age and producing litters of as much as twelve younger.

To summarize

To summarize, grasscutter farming is a viable enterprise alternative in Nigeria and Africa, with large development and revenue creation prospects. Grasscutters and their items are in excessive demand each domestically and internationally, with export potential for Nigerian grasscutter farmers.

Grasscutter farming offers numerous benefits, together with low capital funding, low upkeep bills, and the capability to create money rapidly. Nevertheless, launching and operating a profitable grasscutter farming operation is fraught with difficulties, corresponding to inadequate veterinary companies, excessive dying charges, and a scarcity of acceptable market entry.